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  • Evaluate by comparison

    You manage :
    Control information by comparing the quality of your strategy to that of your peers

    You delegate :
    Easily and effectively evaluate the quality of your portfolio performance by comparing it to that of your peers

  • Ensuring trust

    You manage :
    Show the result of your management to your customers in full transparency and guarantee their trust

    You delegate :
    See the results of your manager's portfolio management in complete transparency and strengthen your trust

  • Effectively control

    You manage :
    Evaluate and monitor the performance and risk of your portfolios simply and efficiently

    You delegate :
    Evaluate and monitor the performance and risk of your portfolio simply and efficiently

  • Growing through innovation

    You manage :
    Increase your notoriety by participating in the world of Finance 2.0 and win new customers

    You delegate :
    Accelerating transparency in the financial sector for the benefit of all

Asset managers participating in the community

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since 10.06.2015
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Joining Performance Watcher from the very beginning, gave us the necessary impetus to develop our investment advice, thus ensuring our customers a performance management that is in complete transparency to market players. The use of PW greatly facilitates interactions with our customers, drastically increases their loyalty to us, and immensely fosters the realization of additional business.

René Mesot
Head of private clients

We have been proud supporters and enthusiastic users of Performance Watcher, since its founding. The platform’s seamless integration into our daily workflow and its ability to monitor both performance and risk – set out along clearly-defined clusters we are able to define in collaboration with the company – are vital components in the quality and scalability of our everyday work.

John-Maximilian de Salis
Head of UK Market Desk, Geneva

Unlike other tools on the market PW is practical, functional and affordable while allowing an up to date and clear overview of the risk/performance. As a trust company, we have three main objectives in terms of investment performance monitoring. The first one is to ensure that the risk profile is in line with what has been agreed and approved. The second is to compare our portfolios return not only with a benchmark (not always representative) but with other comparable real portfolios. And last but not least, have the ability to monitor our portfolios whenever required (i.e. in distressed market circumstances). In my opinion, PW ticks all these boxes and is also able to provide an additional level of monitoring (alerts, more sophisticated reports) if needed. In a world that tends towards complete transparency and instant results, PW is ahead of its time.

Annick Ducraux
TEP, Trust Officer

As part of the Family Office Services’ supervision, we are committed to use the most accurate and performing tools on the market. Performance Watcher is a simple tool but that does not mean simplistic. It allows us to have a different global vision, in a format and presentation intelligible to all. We use it like a skyline indicator in an aircraft cockpit, we are always in control of our flight thanks to all of our instruments but regularly keep a close eye on the gauge, or if you prefer the Perfometer.

Olivier Beti
Responsible Family Office Services

Interfacing with Performance Watcher enables the lemania-pension hub platform to guarantee the independence of the performance analysis of the investment funds selected for the collective asset management of pension savings and to digitise its operational processes related to investment governance end to end. This strategic collaboration thus contributes to strengthening transparency in institutional management, a fundamental element in maintaining confidence in the financing of our pension benefits.

Alexandre Michellod
Chairman of the Board

Performance Watcher is extremely useful for performance monitoring. Firstly, returns are always linked to risks, allowing apples-with-apples and oranges-with-oranges comparisons. Secondly, it gives transparency on wealth management accounts, hence allowing a fair assessment of our performances against the competition. Finally, the return-risk profiles are displayed in several convenient ways, making performance measurement and presentation easy and informative. I’d like to thank Nicholas and his team for all the enthusiasm and hard work they assure each day.

Andrea Laurent
Chief Investment Officer

We consider Performance Watcher as an innovative platform that meets the need of our customers in terms of transparency and performance benchmarking. Performance Watcher provides simple and understandable answers to the question of what risk has been taken to achieve the performance and how it is compared to the others. The platform perfectly meets our investment principles: modern, simple, reliable and responsible.

Adrian Schneider
Head of Investment Center

Functional and precise, PW connects a community of investors. We appreciate the alert service that allows us to keep an eye on a large number of portfolios and to act in advance of shocks. This platform is a valuable tool that we like to use with customers.

Lital Puller

We use Performance Watcher for all accounts managed by CAPITALIUM, and this since the launch of the company. We make this tool available to our clients so that they can measure, monitor and compare the performance obtained, no longer against theoretical indices, but against real portfolios of other clients managed by the competition.

Sebastien Leutwyler
Managing Partner & CIO

Performance Watcher enables us to materialize through a playful and educational tool our risk budget management approach in a transparent and factual way with our clients. Risk management has always been a full integrated investment tool into our portfo-lio building process. This is why we fully adhere to the spirit of Performance Watcher and consider it as an innovative tool that allows us to assess the quality of the performance of our portfolios by comparing it to the same level of risk of our competitors. We are plea-sed to contribute to the success of this unique platform.

Sébastien Berthoud
Executive Director – Partner

In this day and age, transparency must be at the heart of every portfolio manager's concerns. Performance Watcher allows us to achieve 3 primary objectives. First of all, it allows us to ensure that our clients' portfolios are well aligned with their risk profile. Second, it allows us to measure ourselves against other portfolio managers who face constraints that are relatively similar to ours. Finally, it gives us visibility with the industry and potential investors. We encourage the company to continue to develop the tool so that more and more managers adhere to it.

Alexandre Gulino
Managing Partner

Thanks to Performance Watcher, customers have a sense of transparency in an industry which was historically very opaque, both in terms of costs and perfor-mance. Furthermore, their approach gives all the managers, regardless their size, the opportunity to defend their work on an equal footing.

Laurent Hauswirth
Founder & CEO

An innovative tool that allows us to compare, in a simple and transparent way, the quality of our investment management with that of our peers. The evaluation of the risk taken to achieve a performance, too often neglected and at the heart of the COGES and Performance Watcher approach, now allows us to objectively measure ourselves against our competitors. All this to better serve our clients.

Frédéric Durand
Chief Investment Officer

As head of investments at VCT Vector Gestion, I am also responsible for controlling the risk of client portfolios under mandate. For this, the use of Performance Watcher is indispensable to me. Since 2014, we have been working with IBO to our complete satisfaction. Benchmarking performance within the same risk budget universe also allows us to ensure the quality of our management. I frequently use the tools made available by Performance Watcher for discussions both at the investment committee level and with the managers.

Jérôme Cherpillod
Head of investments

At Consilia, we use Performance Watcher to efficiently monitor our clients risk-adjusted returns. The Performance Watcher metrics allow a convenient comparison of portfolios with the same risk profile and thus keeps the asset managers accountable. Additionally, the alerts keep us informed at all times and the information provided by Performance Watcher supplement our in-depth analytics.

Bud Delhees
Managing Director

I came to hear of Performance Watcher during a presentation we had organised for the Alliance of Swiss Wealth Managers on the topic of transparency in performance reporting. I had long been interested in finding an instrument that would help our clients better understand how Avalor is working to achieve their performance goals. Performance Watcher offers such a tool, one that is both intuitive and credible, because of its third-party nature. The ultimate effect, funnily enough, is that it enables discussions that are much more focused on those issues – not performance-related – that are of genuine value to clients and their families.

Amaury Jordan
Founding partner & CEO

We were one of the first two banks to make the evaluation of their accounts via Performance Watcher accessible to any client who so desired, convinced from the outset that portfolio comparisons, made in a constructive, rigorous and independent manner, strengthen the capital of trust that unites us with the client. Beyond that, this tool puts performance back at the center of the game and contributes significantly to the necessary transparency movement accelerated by digitalization.

Nicolas Gonet

The solution that allows me at a glance to view all the portfolios under our supervision and compare them with others with the same "risk profile".

Claude Diserens

For us, Performance Watcher is first and foremost a portfolio control tool. The tool is clear, factual and inexpensive. Its dashboard with pictograms as well as alerts allow quick action and save precious time in the controls. Time, which we can then use to focus on what we like to do: investment.

Pierre Unternährer

Performance Watcher not only helps comparing performances of privately managed portfolios but also puts it into perspective with the risks taken to achieve such performance. It is a very strong tool with powerful functions but easy to understand results. We believe that Performance Watcher offers portfolio managers a tool to further provide transparency to end clients. Being able to compare risk-adjusted performances within different risk budgets also make Performance Watcher a powerful tool for risk control reviews.

Onur Von Burg
Executive Director

Using Performance Watcher helps us to ask ourselves the right questions when it comes to our investment strategies and their comparison with our competitors. Our clients appreciate the transparence and related open mindset.

José Thürler

Data providers already offering automated transfer


  • Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV)
  • Banque Cramer & Cie SA
  • Banque Heritage SA
  • Banque Les Fils Dreyfus & Cie SA
  • Banque Lombard Odier & Cie SA
  • Banque Pictet & Cie SA
  • Banque J. Safra Sarasin SA
  • Banque Vontobel SA
  • BNP Paribas
  • EFG International
  • Gonet & Cie SA
  • Gonet Bank & Trust Limited
  • Graubündner Kantonalbank (GKB)
  • LGT Bank AG
  • LLB - Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG
  • Mirabaud & Cie SA
  • Piguet Galland & Cie SA
  • St.Galler Kantonalbank (SGKB)
  • VP Bank Group
  • Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB)


  • Allocare AG
  • Assetmax AG
  • ASSL
  • Avaloq AG
  • CAPAnalysis SA
  • Expersoft Systems AG
  • Finamic Services SA
  • Finlight
  • Fundo SA
  • Infront AS
  • Siroc SA
  • Suisse Tech Partners SA
  • TeamWork Management SA
  • The Key SA
  • Unigestion SA
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Un client de la gestion de fortune suisse a perdu 15% en moyenne l’an dernier

Les performances observées sur les comptes gérés en Suisse ont varié entre -5% et -22%, selon un échantillon de 3000 comptes. Les gérants plus r...

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Shining A Light On Risk, Returns With Performance Watcher

We talk to Performance Watcher by IBO, a Swiss organisation that uses an open-source model to collect and spread data to its network on how well, or n...

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Comment procéder à un suivi pragmatique du profil de risque ?

L’allocation d’actifs – pourtant couramment utilisée – est un mauvais indicateur du risque d’un portefeuille. A contrario, le recours à l...

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Gestion: un client suisse a gagné 6% en moyenne l’an dernier

Les gérants suisses ont dans l'ensemble perdu du terrain par rapport à la totalité du marché entre mai et septembre, puis après octobre. Ils n'on...

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Quelques conseils pour bien déléguer votre gestion…

Déléguer votre gestion de fortune c’est d’abord choisir. Et pas n’importe quel choix! Il s’agit de mettre votre avenir financier entre les m...

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For the past year, my private banker has not been in crisis

Financial market turbulence and soaring – and the commissions that go with it – have allowed institutions in Geneva’s banking district to bubble...

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2020 Performance Review of the PW Indices

The year 2020 was marked by a generally too high level of risk taking in portfolios, compared to the performances obtained.

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Wealth management: risk has not been synonymous with performance in 2020

Swiss asset managers struggled to meet the level of risk desired by their clients last year, according to an analysis of approximately 15 000 private ...

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"Performance Watcher is first and foremost a contract of trust"

To measure a manager's performance, taking risk into account, Nicholas Hochstadter created Performance Watcher. In practice, it has also become a way ...

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Performance Watcher begins to reach critical size

The tool developed by IBO, which compares portfolio returns between managers, is currently valued at nearly CHF 40 billion. A total of 14,373 portfoli...

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Q3-2020 Performance Review of the PW Indices

Each quarter, investir. ch gives the floor to a portfolio management professional to comment on the markets from the point of view of actually investe...

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Nicholas Hochstadter, Performance Watcher: "The crisis has revealed excessive risk-taking."

Performance Watcher, the portfolio management evaluation and comparison platform, anonymously monitors and evaluates several thousand accounts on a da...

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lemania pension hub integrates Performance Watcher

Dedicated to private pension plan advisors, the lemania pension hub platform continues the development of its technological offer with the implementat...

Posted on

Jean-Sylvain Perrig at the lemania pension hub placement committee

The private pension platform strengthens its governance with the arrival of the president of the SFAA and integrates Performance Watcher.

Posted on

Revue de performance 2019 des indices PW

L’année 2019 était très bonne pour toutes les classes d’actifs et donc tous les profils de gestion Performance Watcher ont profité de cette te...

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It is time to democratise performance comparison!

The time has come for bank clients to be able to compare their portfolios with other clients, and to evaluate their manager in complete transparency.

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Investment Performance Comparison App Wins Graubünder KB as Partner

fintechnews. ch relays the press release concerning the launch of the PerfWatcher App.

Posted on

The Latest Tech News - Performance Watcher

Switzerland-based Performance Watcher, a wealthtech firm giving users the ability to compare their portfolio performance objectively and to see whethe...

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Deux banques suisses misent sur la transparence avec Performance Watcher

Deux banques suisses ouvrent la voie vers la transparence en acceptant de faire évaluer au quotidien leurs performances par une plateforme indépenda...

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The first bank comparison app wins two partners

Performance Watcher, Morges' wealthtech created and managed by Nicholas Hochstadter, took on an even more important dimension with the launch of its m...

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Finamic becomes Software Partner

Performance Watcher is delighted to have Finamic as one of its Software Partners. The accuracy of the data received by the network is essential. This ...

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Dichotomie entre réalité économique et évolution boursière!

Les différents indices Performance Watcher n'ont guère évolué au cours du troisième trimestre, malgré la forte volatilité des marchés. Par Lau...

Posted on

PW becomes a member of the GFA

Performance Watcher is proud to be a member of the Geneva Fintech Association as of today.

Posted on

Business Partnership with Asubium

We are very proud to announce a new business partnership with Asubium. This ensures for Performance Watcher professional users perfect implementation ...

Posted on

Outstanding performance in the first quarter of 2019

Laurent Hauswirth of LGH Financial Strategy analyses the Performance Watcher by IBO indices for the first quarter of the year.

Posted on

Sequoia enters into a partnership with the Performance Watcher platform

Sequoia, the Geneva platform for independent asset managers, and Performance Watcher, the fintech company specialising in portfolio valuation and comp...

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Wealth managers must raise client reporting game

Client reporting is a crucial part of how wealth managers interact with customers and many still fall short in quality. This article examines what is ...

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PW indices "live" on

You can now find the performance of the Performance Watcher indices "live" on the invest. ch website under the heading "Market Intelligence". Thanks t...

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Les indices 2018 de la gestion de fortune par Performance Watcher

«De toute évidence, les gérants suisses n’ont pu éviter de subir la déroute des marchés financiers», remarque Nicholas Hochstadter, CEO de la...

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La gestion de fortune privée au temps de la transparence et résultats pour 2018

"Grâce à de nouveaux outils, les clients et les gérants ont maintenant la possibilité de savoir quelles sont les performances obtenues en moyenne ...

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Le digital permet de renforcer la relation client

Le digital apporte des opportunités extraordinaires. Pour le gérant de fortune, Performance Watcher permet de contrôler la performance des portefeu...

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Hébergement web sécurisé, un enjeu majeur pour la société suisse IBO !

IBO a fait le choix de collaborer avec Net4All depuis début 2017, en migrant directement sous la solution de cloud sécurisé CerberHost. En effet, l...

Posted on

Swiss pictograms for investment performance – Performance Watcher

An award-winning Swiss company called Investment By Objectives (IBO) has developed the Performance Watcher (PW), by collecting data from those managin...

Posted on

Performance Watcher partner of est le résultat de plus de 10 ans de blogs et d’articles financiers rédigés par Thomas Veillet et de sa collaboration avec Loïc Schm...

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Les indices 2017 de la gestion de fortune suisse

Dans l'ensemble, les gérants suisses ont obtenu des résultats satisfaisants l'an passé, ainsi qu'en attestent les performances enregistrées en 201...

Posted on

Les indices 2017 de la gestion de fortune suisse

Des résultats satisfaisants, preuves de la réussite des gérants de portefeuille à capter la hausse des marchés.

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Les gérants suisses ont su capter la hausse des marchés en 2017

Selon Performance Watcher, les rendements des portefeuilles ont nettement profité de la faible volatilité. Qui pourrait rebondir brusquement en 2018...

Posted on

Bonnes performances pour les gérants suisses en 2017

La plateforme de comparaison de performance Performance Watcher développée par la société morgienne Investment by Objectives (IBO) a calculé la p...

Posted on

Decisive partnership with SAAM

Newly included in your SAAM membership, you have now exclusive access to Performance Watcher and automatically monitor that the investments made are a...

Posted on

IBO Performance Watcher is now part of the Avaloq Banking Suite

Avaloq and IBO are cooperating to enable banks and financial service providers to benchmark their performance and to strengthen confidence in financia...

Posted on

Avaloq starts cooperation with IBO

Avaloq integrates the IBO Performance Watcher into its Banking Suite. Financial service providers can, among other things, measure the performance of ...

Posted on

AVALOQ announces partnership with IBO

Avaloq introduces a new era of trustworthy banking

Posted on

Decisive partnership with Avaloq

IBO's comparative portfolio management application is a fintech solution now on the Avaloq Banking Suite. By Elsa Floret

Posted on

IBO headlines the AGEFI !!!

Announcement of AVALOQ's partnership with IBO.

Posted on

The IBO index in the news as a reference

Banques Privées: le deuxième effet kiss cool de la transparence

Posted on

IBO wins at the WealthBriefing Swiss Awards: "Client Communications"

"The judging panel felt the approach this firm adopts towards message development and information distribution is relevant, eye-catching and original....

Posted on

Les performances, ce secret bancaire

Les banques révèlent rarement les rendements dans la gestion de fortune. Quelques nouveaux indices permettent de comparer les performances. Pour un ...

Posted on

Stony road to more transparency

"Transparency strengthens clients' trust." Marc Lussy

Posted on

La gestion doit sortir de son arrière-boutique

"En France, à partir de l’année prochaine, la loi obligera les conducteurs d’automobile à remiser au garage les vitres teintées derrière lesq...

Posted on

La gestion de portefeuille en mode 2.0 (p.54-55)

Avec Performance Corner, l’application développée par le fondateur d’IBO SA, il est enfin possible d’évaluer le rendement de ses comptes et d...

Posted on

IBO winner of "Client Communications and Reporting"

"IBO provides clients with an accurate way to compare their investment returns in a manner that enables investment managers to deliver the returns for...

Posted on

Le moment d’afficher ses performances

"Les nouvelles technologies commencent à faire leur âge. Les TIC, dans le jargon plus ou moins officiel, sont apparues au début des années 90 avec...

Posted on

Une nouvelle voie pour la gestion de portefeuille

Wealth Management 2016

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Piguet Galland intègre Performance Watcher

La banque Piguet Galland va désormais proposer à ses gérants indépendants les outils d’évaluation et de comparaison de gestion portefeuille dé...

Posted on

Piguet Galland and Performance Monitor Tie Up

Swiss private bank Piguet Galland said it has entered a partnership with Investment by Objectives, or IBO, a performance specialist which helps privat...

Posted on

De «nice to have» à «need to have»

Développées par Nicholas Hochstadter, des applications telle que Performance Watcher ont d’abord été conçues pour revaloriser le métier de ges...

Posted on

Sturmwarnung für das Portfolio

Der Finanzplatz ist im Umbruch. Nachdem Schwarzgeldkonten out sind, sind Werte wie Transparenz und Fairness «en vogue». Online Tools werden den neue...

Posted on

Gérer son patrimoine, quoi de neuf?

L’épargne n’est pratiquement plus envisagée pour qui souhaite faire fructifier sa fortune. Heureuse- ment, une nouvelle philosophie de gestion a...

Posted on

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Swiss "Evangelist" Wants To Shine Brighter Light On Risk, Returns

"Getting quick and accurate data that shows if a portfolio is out of line with its objectives can, if acted upon rapidly, cement client relationships ...

Posted on

IBO is proud to participate to Virtual FinFair 2016

Virtual Finfair is a “one of its kind” event where the international financial community get together online for one day. Once your avatar is crea...

Posted on

Fintech-Spezialist im Video-Interview „Bei Fintechs ist eine gute Szene beieinander“

Fintechs erlebten in den vergangenen drei Jahren einen regelrechten Boom. Was Marc Lussy, Fintech-Pionier und Head of Business Development beim Portfo...

Posted on

Evaluer les performances des gestionnaires? C’est possible

Une société de Morges a lancé des moteurs d’évaluation et de comparaison spécialement conçus pour la gestion de portefeuille. Ils permettent ...

Posted on

Performance Watcher in Family Office Elite Magazine

Find the link to the flip version hereunder. Story on page 93/94.

Posted on

Performance Network proud to support the 11th Fintech Nite

"Back in 2010, pokeRT was the first social media party in Switzerland. We are excited that the 11th edition will host a Fintech Nite on the 26th of Oc...

Posted on

"perfnetwork" in Banque&Finance

Announcement of the launch of "perfnetwork", the Performance Network app in Banque&Finance.

Posted on

"perfnetwork", the Performance Network App in the AGEFI

The AGEFI announces the Performance Network App "perfnetwork" release. (CAUTION: the link might be subject to subscription)

Posted on

Performance Network app announced by

IBO: Performance Network auch auf Mobilgeräten verfügbar Von moneycab - 20. Oktober 2015

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Schweizer Fintech-Pionier angelt sich Top-Job

Der langjährige Banker und heutige Fintech-Aficionado Marc Lussy steigt bei einer Firma für Performance-Vergleiche ein. Dort soll er das Geschäftsm...

Posted on

Interesting article in on transparency

The Global Transparency movement in Portfolio Performance By Efi Pylarinou.

Posted on

Article Banque&Finance à l'occasion d'Invest' 15

“Faire en sorte que les gestionnaires puissent mieux exposer leur savoir-faire”

Posted on

Interview with Nicholas Hochstadter on Dukascopy TV

Short interview on the IBO ecosystem and in particular its contribution to the movement towards transparency of portfolio management results.

Posted on

Article on Performance Corner in

Performance Corner: Portfolio Performance Made Easy And Understandable to the Masses.

Posted on

Le devoir de transparence apparaît de plus en plus facile à accomplir

Le web 2.0 permet aux gérants indépendants de disposer de nouveaux instruments capables de les aider à communiquer plus efficacement avec leurs cli...

Posted on

Presentation of Performance Watcher to SAAM members

L’ASG propose son traditionnel point de situation sur les derniers développements en matière de réglementation nationale et internationale des ma...

Posted on

Investment By Objectives (IBO) and Blue Lakes Advisors (BLA) Announce A cooperation

The re-composition of the Swiss financial centre requires its players to revisit all or part of their business model. IBO and BLA are two young and in...

Posted on

The "Comparis" of portfolio management is born

", plateforme lancée en novembre 2013 par Nicolas Hochstadter, vise à comparer les performances de gestion. Déjà, les clients...

Posted on

Introduction of a new index for investors

"Pour le risque pris, quelle performance ai-je fait? Et pour ce même niveau de risque, qu’ont fait les autres qui investissent comme moi? Ce questi...

Posted on

Independent asset management supervisory service

Swiss company IBO offers an innovative tool for supervising your investments and the profitability of your portfolio. A few months from now, it will a...

Posted on

Article in BILAN about performance evaluation

"La performance n’est pas la seule donnée à prendre en compte pour savoir si vos investissements correspondent à vos attentes. Décryptage." Par ...

Posted on

Article in about Performance Corner launch

"Lancement d’un compararateur de performance de portefeuille." By Mélanie Haab