For whom ?

Performance Watcher is intended for all those who wish to efficiently monitor invested portfolios :
Whatever the level of understanding of finance.
Whatever the amount invested.

One condition : 
Taking a more or less brief training depending on the level of use.

My conviction :

ensure confidence
through regular

Nicholas Hochstadter Founder

What uses ?

Performance Watcher refines unique information! Tools adapted to all needs and presented in a simple way.


Evaluate efficiently through comparison the portfolio management results


Monitor daily the portfolios evolution and be alerted at the right time


Visualize and present the portfolio management results and monitoring


Get in touch, anonymously or not, with the other network participants

The ecosystem

The Performance Watcher is part of the IBO universe.

The portfolio management comparison network open to everyone.

More info

The simple, anonymous and free website to evaluate and compare the performance of one portfolio.

More info

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