Managing your wealth well is becoming more and more complex. To make the right choices, such as choosing an asset manager for example, we have selected coaches who can advise you. None of them manage money directly and they are therefore totally independent. They can also analyze your PerfWatcher weather in more detail.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to become a Coach.

  • Bos Patrick

    Consilia Anstalt

    Region : Liechtenstein, Switzerland (Zug), Netherlands
    Languages :
    Contact : +41 79 359 23 53

    Patrick has occupied various investment related positions within the banking and financial services sector during the last 35 years. He has been actively managing equities-, bonds-, options and futures- as well as funds / ETF-portfolios for private clients for two decades. Also he headed a Swiss private bank’s asset management and private banking departments after having held the position of chief investment officer. Patrick holds a masters degree in law and is a certified European financial analyst.

  • Debons Jean-Daniel

    ZWEI Wealth

    Region : Romande
    Languages :
    Contact : +41 79 885 73 65

    Jean-Daniel Debons has a very wide background and experience of more than 30 years in the banking sector. Early in his career, he worked as a corporate banker with Credit Suisse in Geneva. At Credit Suisse he later held responsibilities for Wealth Planning and Private Banking at the regional headquarters in Sion and he also spent some time at the London offcie of the bank. In 2014, he joined UBS as manager for his international client base of wealthy families in Valais. In this activity, he developed skills and experience regarding «Family Offices» of large families and international entrepreneurs based in Switzerland.

  • Diserens Claude

    Galeo SA

    Region : All
    Languages :
    Contact : +41 79 342 47 23

    What I can bring to you as a Trusted Advisor, I have acquired over 35 years from institutions of various reputable institutions: Citibank, Kidder Peabody, Merry Lynch and Reuters. My job is my passion: passing on my knowledge of supervising family assets to the next generation, how to negotiate with banks, how to ensure that I have the financial information necessary to understand and monitor your investments. Precision, transparency, discretion and above all common sense are part of my DNA. I put all my experience and knowledge at your disposal to help you make the right decisions and allow your family wealth to grow according to your personal convictions and criteria. Our office is equipped with a whole series of powerful and advanced tools and software, such as "performance watcher". At your disposal for a first contact without obligation, then you decide.

  • Genequand Sarah

    Lyra Wealth SA

    Region : Europe, Brésil
    Languages :
    Contact : +41 79 711 87 75

    Sarah enjoys sparking women’s interest to finance. She uses her knowledge to help them better understand, control their finances and increase their self-confidence. She wrote “Women are worth it”, to be published in English in 2020. Sarah was born in Geneva. In 2002, she obtained her masters from the Institute of International Studies in Geneva. Four years later, she obtained the STEP Diploma in International Trust Management. Her area of expertise includes governance and audit of legal structures. In 2003, Sarah began her professional career in the Trust business with Cititrust (Switzerland) SA and then Barclaytrust (Suisse) SA where she worked as a Trust Officer.

  • Gillet Bruno

    CAPAnalysis SA

    Region : Genève
    Languages :
    Contact : +41 22 321 90 90

    I have been a Financial Analyst for 30 years. My main skills are macro-economic analysis and trading in alternative funds. I specialize in creating analytical reports for institutional investors and private clients. I present the elements that have contributed to your performance (performance attribution, market exposure, fees & taxes) with transparency and objectivity. A decisive work in the decision-making process for the optimization of your investments in relation to your risk profile and tax status.

  • Hochstadter Christopher

    Kineta Trusted Advisors SA

    Region : Morges
    Languages :
    Contact : +41 22 365 23 48

    Since he founded Kineta Trusted Advisors in 2014, Christopher has been leading several projects such as advising single family offices and offering high level solutions for HNWIs and financial institutions. From 2001 till 2012, Christopher held several positions in portfolio and fund management for companies such as the Bellevue Group (Boston), DWS (Frankfurt), Julius Baer (Geneva), and UBP (Geneva). Christopher Hochstadter is a graduate from Boston University and University of Notre Dame.

  • Pavitt Trevor

    Lyra Wealth SA

    Region : Europe, Brésil
    Languages :
    Contact : +41 79 853 18 22

    Trevor leverages his 20 years of banking experience to help people with their financial transitions. He is the co-author of the book “Heal your investments, a story your banker will never tell you”. His career in banking - namely with, Trade Development Bank, Boston Trust & deposit Co, American Express Bank, KPMG and Digital - led him to work in the United States and Brazil. He then returned to Geneva, where he served for ten years as Director of the Iberia & Latin America Team with Barclays Wealth. Born in Canada, Trevor holds Swiss and British passports. In 1986, he graduated from the University of Geneva with a degree in business and obtained a stockbroker license two years later from the Securities and Exchange Commission in New York. He also studied management at the INSEAD of Paris.

  • Perrig Jean-Sylvain


    Region : Genève
    Languages :
    Contact : +41 22 552 01 28

    Jean-Sylvain is passionate about financial markets. As a former Chief Investment Officer in well-established Private Banks, he firmly believes that a rigorous investment process, a clear vision and a good asset allocation, are the foundations of a professional portfolio management. There are steps to take and pitfalls to avoid, in order to achieve investment goals. Jean-Sylvain is also Chairman of the Swiss Financial Analysts Association which provides education for investment professionals. It is paramount to have the adequate background when managing money.