Methodology & Statistics

The « Performance Watcher » indices are based on the data received daily from the platform participants. IBO, founded in 2005, has developed a selection of portfolio performance, managed on a discretionary basis only, to provide these unique indicators of asset management reality from January 2010. The quality and validity of these indices are based on the proprietary calculation methodology developed over the years (elimination of extreme values, True Time Weighted Return, etc. ), the « due diligence » of portfolio management methods, the diversity and the amount of data accumulated. The indices may vary slightly over a two-month rolling period due to corrections of data received.

Current population on which the « Performance Watcher » indices are based:

  • CHF
  • EUR
  • USD
low risk
764 portfolios
1'232'070'874 CHF
mid risk
897 portfolios
1'145'541'612 CHF
high risk
269 portfolios
708'127'513 CHF
low risk
1647 portfolios
2'020'402'288 EUR
mid risk
1049 portfolios
2'489'262'693 EUR
high risk
283 portfolios
406'671'882 EUR
low risk
471 portfolios
2'350'019'424 USD
mid risk
412 portfolios
1'822'623'379 USD
high risk
145 portfolios
485'845'539 USD